Line(s) of the Day #DowntownAbbey

Downtown Abbey

Lady Edith: So he slipped the hook.
Lady Mary: At least I’m not fishing with no bait.

Laura Carmichael and Michele Dockery in the period drama Downtown Abbey (2010 – 2015) The scathing insult reflects the competitive disharmony between the two sisters that flowed throughout the whole show.


Alex Raphael Sporadic Scene: Amadeus (1984) – Mozart Meeting with the Emperor

Zoë at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger has a feature on her site where you pick a memorable scene and include a short analysis on it. Here’s my choice.

The Sporadic Chronicles

I have yet another guest contributor for my Sporadic Scene segment. Today I would like to welcome Alex of Alex Raphael with his scene. Thank you so much Alex!

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

I love individual rivalries. It’s one of the big reasons I am such a sports fan. Ali v Frasier, Senna v Prost, Borg v MacEnroe, Magic Johnson v Bird, Coe v Ovett. It’s more unusual to find them in film, even in sporting ones. And even more curiously, one of the most fascinating and absorbing rivalries on film is found in a period drama. The relationship between Mozart and Salieri may not be as evenly matched as those mentioned previously, but it is no less fascinating. The…

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Film Quizzes – Period Drama

When it comes to period drama, the art of cinema is capable of adapting a fine text to a film that is a joy to the senses.  The challenges of a film being set in the past brought out the best in the six films below. A big round of applause if you can name all six correctly.

Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 1 (1980s)Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 2 (1990s)Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 3 (1990s)Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 4 (2000+)Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 5 (2000+)Film Quizzes - Period drama Film 6 (2000+)



1. Amadeus  (1984)

2. The Remains of the Day  (1993)

3. Sense and Sensibility  (1995)

4. Gosford Park  (2001)

5. Atonement  (2007)

6. The King’s Speech  (2010)