Reviews and other Features: Children’s TV Quiz

I grew up watching all kinds of children’s TV. I had the lunch boxes, jumpers and toys of my favourite ones, and knew all the theme tunes and times they were on. I’ve done plenty of film quizzes, so in a nostalgic trip I thought I would expand it to TV shows of the 80s/early 90s I used to watch as a child. They’re not in any order and you’ll find the answers below.  How did you do? What other ones did you watch?

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I’m a Versatile Blogger


It’s always an honour to receive any kind of prize, so I’d like to thank the very cool Verbal Spew for the nomination. I had all kinds of aims when setting up this blog, so to be recognised again with a different criteria is really pleasing. Before I finish accepting ‘A Versatile Blogger’ I really recommend you check out Verbal Spew’s site. She has a fantastically engaging style, loads of well-written reviews and a cool range of quirky pieces.

So then, the criteria as I understand it, means :

  • You must thank the person who gave it to you, and include a link to their blog.
  • You must tell the person who nominate you seven things about yourself
  • You must then select fifteen blogs that you’ve recently discovered or regularly follow, and nominate them for the award, .

1. I am an Everton fan, and I’ve been lucky to meet quite a few Everton players down the years. When I met Joe Royle, the manager when we last won a trophy, I won a prize and got his autograph and a photo with him. Anders Limpar is still my favourite player.

2. I’ve never kept a diary. I have loads of writing notebooks in an around, which I still keep and write in when inspired.

3. If I was doing a list of worst films, The English Patient would be high up there. And I’m not alone either The English Patient (Seinfeld)

4. My favourite two words in the English language are ethereal and euphoria.

5. I am a huge fan of short stories. I already wrote an article on the eight best short writers around, but I could quite easily have done 20. I’ve even written quite a few myself, and it’s how I first got into writing.

6. Mario Kart is my favourite video game. I’ve played many others, but it really is such a magnificent game. But there is always someone who claims to be a bigger fan Ultra Mario Kart

7. It’s my favourite number. Seemed apt.

And as a football fan, 11 blogs I would recommend in NO particular order, seems a nice number. My blogroll covers a lot of other great blogs that I check regularly, but these get a special mention.

A Curious Gal – A skilled photographer who is able to see the most caring and quietly spectacular side of nature.

Head in a Vice – Enthusiastically infectious film lover, one of the highlights being the ‘Desert island Disc’ feature.

Aussa Lorens – Hilariously funny. Do not read at work! Full of gloriously random and supremely entertaining anecdotes.

Emily’s Poetry Blog – One of the best sites around. And that’s even if you aren’t a big poetry fan. Her choices of the poems, and her perceptive analysis of them, are a delight.

Earth Stills – A wonderful mix of beautiful and superbly taken shots, often with a warmly colourful description.

Little Write Lies – A wonderfully creative writer. Reading her, it’s near impossible not to write something yourself 🙂

Eye of Lynx – A lover of classic literature with insightful reviews and a detailed analysis.

The London Scrapbook – I’ve just discovered this site. A reminder of why London is such a magnificent city with so much to offer.

Autopict – A very talented photographer who is happy to wander and capture the creativity around him.

Jordan and Eddie – Dedicated film buffs with a neat set of reviews, articles and features, especially the ‘Top 5’ sets.

BB Goodman – A short story a day, from the macabre to the amusing, sweet or romantic. Well worth a visit.