Line(s) of the Day #Miranda

Miranda and Stevie

Miranda: Ohh, Advent calendar.
Stevie: Ooh, can I?
Miranda: Together.
Stevie: Oh, where’s the chocolate?
Miranda: Where’s the chocolate? Eaten on the first day of purchase! Who can sit in a room day after day when there are little chocolates behind windows and not remove them, eat them and then replace the windows like nothing ever happened?

Miranda Hart and Sarah Hadland in the British feel-good sitcom Miranda (2009 – 2013). You can find more of the sweet-natured comedy here and here.

Line(s) of the Day #Miranda

Miranda and tv mum

Penny: So, tonight at…
Miranda: No, I can’t tonight, I’ve got plans. An art class. I do things!
Penny: Miranda, the last time you went out after 9 o’clock was when you forgot to put the bin’s out!

Patricia Hodge and Miranda Hart in the British sitcom Miranda (2009 – 2015). Created, written and starring Hart in the lead role, Miranda┬átells of a socially awkward woman’s relationship with her middle class mother, her attempts to win over a handsome chef and running her joke shop business with her best friend.