Gr8at: Milton Jones’ Jokes

As everyone here knows I’m a big fan of a sharp and well executed one-liner. So about time I put up some from one of the best in the business, Milton Jones.  The Englishman’s deadpan and amusingly neurotic style has won him countless fans and regular success on the comedy circuit. If you find the wonderfully wacky dresser funny, you should definitely check out another fine exponent of the art, Bob Monkhouse 

Milton Jones t shirt

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Line(s) of the Day #OfficeSpace

Office Space

You know what I can’t figure out? How is it that all these stupid neanderthal mafia guys can be so good at crime and smart guys like us can suck so badly at it?

Michael Bolton (David Herman) in the workforce satire Office Space (1999). Despite a low-key reception, the film has since garnered a cult following.