Photography: Short Stories and Sports Books

I’ve always had a big interest in books. And amid my interest in the classic and the contemporary novels, I’ve had a big passion for short stories and sports books. I’ve quoted a few of them on my Literature and Sports┬ápages but wanted to share them as pictorial form. You’ll find these two photos and plenty of others on my Instagram page of Raphaelalexx.




Line(s) of the Day

Long after Midnight

The police ambulance went up on to the cliffs at the wrong hour. It is always the wrong hour when the police ambulance goes anywhere, but this was especially wrong, for it was long after midnight and nobody ever imagined it would be day again, because the sea coming in on the lightless shore below said as much, and the wind blowing salt cold in from the pacific reaffirmed this, and the fog muffling the sky and putting out the stars struck the final, unfelt but disabling blow. The weather said it had been here forever, man was hardly here at all, and would soon be gone.

Taken from the short story Long after Midnight (1977) by Ray Bradbury

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