Line(s) of the Day #TheFreshPrinceofBelAir

Hilary Banks weather girl

Philip Banks: Did you refer to Hurricane Robert as Bobby? It was serious, darling. It wiped out half of Miami.
Hilary Banks: Well, excuse me for trying to spread a little sunshine.

James Avery and Karyn Parsons in the fondly remembered The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 – 1996).  If you’re a fan of Hilary, you should definitely click here, and here for more on ‘Uncle Phil’.


Line(s) of the Day #TheFreshPrinceofBelAir

Fresh Prince

I’ve got a few questions for you. When you got this alleged confession from these two young men, did they have a lawyer present? No, because I’m their lawyer. Did you notify their parents? No, because we’re their parents. So, officer, don’t tell us to wait and don’t tell us to sit down. Just open that damn cell and let those two boys out of there or I’m going to tie this place up with so much litigation that your GRANDCHILDREN ARE GONNA NEED LAWYERS!

Uncle Phil (RIP James Avery) in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air