Gr8at: London Super Comic Convention Costumes

I had a really fun time at the London Super Comic Convention hosted at the Excel centre yesterday. With comic book and their film adaptations as popular as ever, it was no surprise the event (which finishes later today) was such a success.  I took so many photos that rather than try and squeeze them into my review which I’ll be doing soon, like with my Memorable Figures from the Wax Museum I’ve decided to do a fun quiz to see how many you can work out. How many of the comic, cartoon, anime and film stars did you get? Who would you like to have dressed up if you had gone?

London Super Comic Convention Costume 1

London Super Comic Convention Costume 2

London Super Comic Convention Costume 3

London Super Comic Convention Costume 4

London Super Comic Convention Costume 5

London Super Comic Convention Costume 6

London Super Comic Convention Costume 7

London Super Comic Convention Costume 8

Answers below

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Film Quizzes: 2015 Films

It’s been a fun year for films, with long awaited remakes, reboots and sequels, exciting new adaptations and original talents coming to the fore. Not that there weren’t disappointing efforts along the way of course.  How well do you remember the film year just going? Are there any that stood out either for positive or negative reasons? Below is a super-size quiz on a random mix of films released in the UK within the past 12 months.

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 1 Film 1

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 2 Film 2

Jake Gyllenhaal and Oona Laurence star in SOUTHPAW. Film 3

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 4 Film 4

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 6 Film 5

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 5 Film 6

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 7 Film 7

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 8 Film 8

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 9 Film 9

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 10 Film 10

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 11 Film 11

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 12 Film 12

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 13 Film 13

Film Quizzes- 2016 Film 14 Film 14

MO_D09_01671.NEF Film 15

Answers below

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Line(s) of the Day #InsideOut

Inside Out Bing Bong

Take her to the moon for me, Joy.

Bing Bong (Richard Kind) in animated masterpiece Inside Out, which tells of a young girl’s life from the viewpoint of her emotions of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. (SPOILERS WITHIN COMMENTS)