Reviews and Other Features: Nightcrawler

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Just how important is it to know everything about a gory news story? How much do we want to know about the process that gets that information? And just how far would we go in the same circumstances?

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Guest series: Foreign Favourites

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There are so many innovative and thought-provoking films out at the moment, especially in awards season, that I felt inspired to put something up. In my Line(s) of the Day, my film quotes usually come from a Hollywood film, but there are a wondrous array of films outside the English language covering all genres and eras. I’m always keen to hear the thoughts and opinions of others and find out about films I may not otherwise see.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to create ‘Foreign Favourites’ and invite anyone interested to select a film of their choice and write a review to share on here. It can be film you’ve seen once, countless or been meaning to check it out for ages. It would be great to have you contribute and explore a genre that is often overlooked. As I know how busy you all are and to keep it fair, there originally was a limit of one per person, but I’ve since removed it. If you have one you plan to do, let me know here as soon as you’ve made your choice and I will put you down for it. 

Only a few rules:

– By foreign films, I do mean one that is in a non-English language for the majority of the film.

– The style is your own but please include a brief plot synopsis of the film and an overall rating.

– You can’t have reviewed it before.

–  Not everyone will have seen the film so no spoilers please.

Any questions feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you soon.


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