Line(s) of the Day: 89 book

89 arsenal book

I’m thinking this is my time. I’m going to score this. Ray Houghton was so close. I had no idea he was that close. It was scary. My heart beats even now with the tension every time I see it. 

Michael Thomas describing the iconic moment he scored the goal that won the 1989-89 English league title in a 2-0 game away to Liverpool. The whole championship had come down to the final match, with Arsenal needing to win 2-0 to triumph on goals scored. Liverpool had not lost by two or more goals in their own stadium for four years and were the current champions. As the game went deep into stoppage time, Arsenal midfelder Michael Thomas is through on goal and in the famous words of commentator Brian Moore, “It’s up for grabs now…”


Photography: Short Stories and Sports Books

I’ve always had a big interest in books. And amid my interest in the classic and the contemporary novels, I’ve had a big passion for short stories and sports books. I’ve quoted a few of them on my Literature and Sports pages but wanted to share them as pictorial form. You’ll find these two photos and plenty of others on my Instagram page of Raphaelalexx.



Film Quizzes: Football/Soccer

With the UEFA Champions League just finished, it means the club level football calendar is over for the season. So why not do a quiz based on the so-called beautiful game? How well do you know how its big screen adaptations? As always feel free to let me know your score or any other films in the genre you’re a fan of.

Film quizzes - Football/Soccer Film 1 (1980s)

Film quizzes - Football Soccer Film 2 (1980s)

Film quizzes - Football Soccer Film 3 (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Football/Soccer Film 4 (2000s)

Film quizzes - Football Soccer Film 5 (2000s)

Film quizzes - Football Soccer Film 6 (2000s)


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