Film Quizzes: Autumn/Fall

Being an Autumn baby, it’s always been my favourite season. It’s not too hot or cold, it’s cheaper to travel, there’s Halloween, it’s a great time to show off your new long sleeved tops and leaves falling from the trees makes for wonderful photographs. That’s not forgetting the beautiful scenic mist shots available.  So I thought it was about time I did a quiz on films set during the season or with memorable scenes during it. Which is your favourite season?  How did you do in the quiz?

film-quizzes-autumn-film-1  1. (1950s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-2 2. (1970s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-3 3. (1980s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-4 4. (1980s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-5 5. (1980s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-6 6. (1980s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-7 7. (1990s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-8 8. (1990s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-9 9. (1990s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-10 10. (1990s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-11 11. (1990s)

film-quizzes-autumn-film-12 12. (2000s)

Answers below

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