Gr8at: Super Christmassy Football Jumpers


Bridget Jones sweater

Along with socks, slippers and chocolate, one of the traditions of Christmas is a novelty Christmas jumper. It is after all a great way to make a distinctive appearance, as Mark Darcey made with his festive Rudolph effort to Bridget Jones. After reading a post on the BBC website I decided to choose eight of the most distinctive Christmas sweaters from the Premier League. Do you have a favourite of the eight below? Did you receive anything similar from your presents?

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Line(s) of the Day #NevilleSouthall

Neville southall

If you don’t believe you can win, there is no point in getting out of bed at the end of the day.

Everton and Welsh legend Neville Southall. During his long career, his honours included winning the league title and FA Cup twice, the European Cup Winners Cup and Footballer Writer’s Association’d Player of the Year.

Gr8 – Sporting Nicknames

The crazy, wacky and often wonderful world of sport is full of the most outrageous and unique characters. Only fitting then, that there are some brilliant nicknames to match up with the magic.

Michael Holding – ‘Whispering Death’

Michael Holding

As one of the greatest and most ferocious bowlers to ever take take up the game, it’s only fitting that the iconic West Indian cricketer has a nickname to live up to his reputation in the game. So called due to his quiet approach to the crease, it became so associated with him that Holding himself named his first autobiography after it.

Neil ‘Dissa’ Pointon

Neil Pointon

A harsh but funny nickname for a player who spent the majority of his career playing top flight football and even won a championship winning medal with Everton in 1986/87. Another thing to cheer him up is that he and Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pierce are the only left backs to have a nickname of any note.

John Eales – Nobody

John Eales

Rugby Union has more players on one team than any other sport, so it’s especially difficult to stand out and get a memorable nickname. Winning the Rugby Union World Cup twice as Australia captain certainly helps. It may seem a strange nickname, but then ‘nobody’s perfect’.

Martin ‘Chariots’ Offiah

Martin Offiah

For a film all about an incredible set of runners with phenomenal God-given ability, it is more than apt that the supremely gifted Rugby League try scorer Martin Offiah gets the amusing nickname. Setting record transfer fees, 15 trophies at domestic level, a prolific England ratio and once scoring 10 tries in one match means he might just deserve it.

Mark ‘Afghan’ Waugh

Cricket World Cup

Though a talented enough cricketer to represent the Australian national team for over a decade, Mark was always in the shadow of his older twin brother Mark. The nickname representing that he was ‘the forgotten Waugh’ So much so, that when Mark tried to sledge newcomer James Osmond by telling him that he wasn’t good enough for international level, Osmond replied: “Maybe not, but at least I’m the best in my own family”.

‘Waltzing’ Matt Hilder

Matt Hilder

The nickname fits so easily that his parents must surely have had it in mind when they christened him. Waltzing Matilda is considered practically an Australian anthem so pretty nice for the Australian rugby league player who has spent his whole professional career in the country.

‘One size’ Fitz Hall

Fitz Hall

Usually found at the top of most best sporting nicknames lists, there’s no way we couldn’t include the London-born central defender. Though he has spent his career with nearly a dozen clubs, it is Oldham fans who are believed to have come up with the memorable name. 

Mike ‘Enough’ Aldrete

Mike Aldrete

Multi-award winning American broadcaster Chris Berman has come up with so many great nicknames it’s tempting to put his picture up instead. But for such a great nickname, we just have to put the picture of baseball player and now coach, Mike Aldrete who, inappropriately enough, is still going strong.