Gr8at: Bond Songs

I’ll be writing my thoughts on Spectre soon, but I wanted to discuss in extra detail the aspect of Bond theme tunes. Especially as there was such a cool response to Sam Smith’s much anticipated song Writing’s on the Wall. I sided with the majority and was hugely disappointed. Smith is clearly an undoubted award-winning talent, and he is evdently aware of previous Bond songs, but for me there wasn’t a strong enough melody and I didn’t like his style of singing for the song. Unlike the hugely popular Skyfall and every other Bond theme, it did actually top the UK charts so clearly has its fanbase.

James Bond logo

Where would you rank it in terms of Bond themes? Are there any you particularly like or dislike? I’ve focused on the songs themselves, but if you are curious about the graphics side within the credits, I recommend this piece by Vinnie H.

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Film Quizzes – James Bond Part 1

“The name’s Bond…James Bond.” Why not try this quiz in tribute to one of cinema’s most remarkable screen icons. You only live twice after all 😉 Scroll below carefully for answers.

James Bond - Film 1 (1960s)

James Bond - Film 2 (1960s)

James Bond - Film 3 (1970s)

James Bond - Film 4 (1980s)

James Bond - Film 5 (1980s)

James Bond - Film 6 (1990s)

Answers below

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