Gr8at: National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2017

When I saw the winners of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year had been announced, I knew there would be some outstanding images of the natural world around us. The categories were Natures, Cities and People. Below are eight of my favourites, sourced from The Daily Telegraph. You can find out more about the winners, prizes and the high calibre of other entries at The National Geographic website.

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Things to See: SEA LIFE London Aquarium

I’m lucky enough to live in London with all its historical and artistic beauty. There are so many great attractions, restaurants, bars and parks to see that I’ll be writing about the ones I go to and sharing my photos with you all.

Aquarium life

First up is the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. I’ve been twice before, but it’s a wonderful place and gives you the opportunity to see all kinds of marine wildlife up close. As such a popular attraction, it does make sense to arrive soon after it opens at 10am. Going on a Saturday there were lots of children and pushchairs but it wasn’t difficult to get through and take all the photos I wanted. The staff were all very friendly. It is a little expensive but there are usually deals about and you can easily spend over three or four hours there.

Aquarium landscape

Green world

Bright fish


If you’re going with children there are plenty of things to entertain them. The signs are brightly coloured, enthusiastic and informative and the environment is set on learning more about our aquatic friends and how to protect them. The feeding of fish in the tank as part of a presentation will keep them amused as will the staff giving a detailed description of the penguins when giving them fish. 

But it’s fun as an adult too. The strong lighting makes it’s easy to take pictures and there’s a great variety of fish, sharks, turtles and jellyfish. There’s even crocodiles. Within the piece are some of the photos I took.

Both going for the profile shot

Aquarium fish

Aquarium 12


I went with my girlfriend who also took quite a few pictures. And yes, I did do the Jaws music when I saw the sharks.