Film Quizzes: Con Artists

After watching Parasite, it got me thinking about what other con artists film there were. There sure are plenty. Expanding on a quiz I did way back how many of the 12 films below can you work out? Do you have a favourite or any others you like?

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 1 Film 1  (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 2 Film 2  (1970s)

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 3 Film 3  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 4 Film 4  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Bank Robberies Film 9 Film 5  (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Spielberg Film 5 Film 6  (2000s)

con artists 7 Film 7   (2000s)

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 6 Film 8  (2000s)

con artists film 9 Film 9  (2000s)

con artists film 11 Film 10  (2010s)

The Wolf of Wall Street Film 11   (2010s)

con artists film 10 Film 12  (20010s)

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Line(s) of the Day #Parasite

Parasite film

Ki-taek: You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan. No plan at all. You know why? Because life cannot be planned. Look around you. Did you think these people made a plan to sleep in the sports hall with you? But here we are now, sleeping together on the floor. So, there’s no need for a plan. You can’t go wrong with no plans. We don’t need to make a plan for anything. It doesn’t matter what will happen next. Even if the country gets destroyed or sold out, nobody cares. Got it?

Song Kang-ho in the phenomenal dark comedy thriller Parasite (2019), that tells of a family’s scheme to infiltrate a rich family’s household. Made on a budget of the equivalent of just over $10m dollars, the South Korean film won four Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and has already made over $260m worldwide.

Film Quizzes: Con Artists

With the release of American Hustle, time for a focus on previous con artists who have entertained us on screen. Different from a heist movie in that these are regular scammers, they have the slick personalities and ability to manipulate those who have no idea just how naive they are. See how well you do on the six films below.

Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 1 (1970s)


Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 2 (1970s)


Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 3 (1990s)


Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 4 (2000+)


Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 5 (2000+)


Film Quizzes - Con artists Film 6 (2000+)




1. Paper Moon  (1973)

2. The Sting  (1973)

3. Shooting Fish  (1997)

4. Heartbreakers  (2001)

5. Catch Me if you Can  (2002)

6. Matchstick Men  (2003)