Reviews and Other Features: “October Birthdayz” Blogathon


I haven’t been part of a Blogathon for quite a while now. In the past I’ve really enjoyed being part of features like the Back to School, The Top 10 Most Iconic Female Character and Song and Screen series ones, but I have been too busy for any ones recently. However, when Nuwan Sen suggested some flexibility for his October Birthdayz Blogathon I just had to contribute. And I knew just who to choose when selecting someone with a film background and an October birthday. Born on 9 October 1940, Lennon was in films such as Help, A Hard Day’s Night and Yellow Submarine, as well as numerous documentaries released posthumously such as The US v John Lennon. Here are eight of the most memorable quotes from a man who spread peace his whole life.

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Gr8 – Robert de Niro

As it’s Robert de Niro’s birthday, I’m reblogging one of my older articles as tribute. Do you have a favourite de Niro film? Or a performance of his that blew you away more than any other?

Alex Raphael

Quite simply, an acting institution. Robert de Niro has been in been in some of the world’s most iconic films, worked with directing greats and uttered some of cinemas most memorable lines. In a remarkable career spanning over 50 years (and counting), we take a closer look at eight of his best films. Scary to think of some of the ones we left out.


Raging Bull

Going right back to 1931’s The Champ, Hollywood has always loved the skilful yet brutal dichotomy of boxing, so it takes something pretty damn special to stand out from the others. Raging Bull, about loathsome boxing legend Jake la Motta, is far more than a telling of the rise and fall of a sports star. And by a director Martin Scorcese, who has no interest in boxing, or sports in general, no less. It’s an intense black and white film that refuses to pull…

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Gr8at – Birthday Cards

Are you one of those people who keep their birthday cards? I do. Having had my birthday recently thought it was time to do a piece on it. Here are eight of my favourite ones from over the years.

102_8495From my aunt. I’ve always been a football fan so quite a few have been football themed. She would have noticed the trainers too, as I have always spent a lot of money on mine and that purple is my favourite colour.

102_8496From my parents. I do have a soft spot for this funky card. I should add I don’t wear my cap backwards.

Birthday card 3From my girlfriend Madeleine. You don’t see many green-shaded cards. She also knows I write a lot, use a lot of words and that I say ‘awesome’ far too much!   

102_8502From my sister. It’s a very stylish card with a nice poem too. The picture still makes me smile too.

102_8511From my friend Tim. Quite hard to disagree with. It’s just the sort of comment he would come out with too. 

Film 6From my friend Sarah. I love puns. I make them all the time and this one is very original.

102_8497From my parents. I like to think the description is accurate of course 😉 though I should add the inside message is that my parents should take all the credit haha.

Birthday Card 8From my parents. I am a huge board game fan as well as most card games. My favourite though is poker, so any card that makes reference to it gets full marks from me.