Snapshot: Birthday


It was birthday the other day so thought it would be a great chance for a photograph to show the funky cards I was given. Do you have a favourite? If you want to know what any of them say feel free to ask. They’re still up so I can answer quite easily haha.


Gr8at: My Favourite Posts

I really have covered a lot of different topics in the year I have been running this blog. The nature of my site means I can cover all kinds of topics in various formats. Everything from sporting gaffes and Sheldon Cooper’s funniest lines to cracker jokes, the best cocktails and reviews on films like Argo, Django Unchained and American Hustle.

Even with 607 posts I’ve always taken care in what I put up and never added anything I didn’t like. At the top of the main page I have archived all the pieces under all the different topics I have put up. They are all up to date.

Below are eight of my favourite posts (in no order) that weren’t mentioned in the previous post. If there is one article or photograph or one aspect of the site you particularly like, please feel free to tell me as I always value your feedback.

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Gr8at – Birthday Cards

Are you one of those people who keep their birthday cards? I do. Having had my birthday recently thought it was time to do a piece on it. Here are eight of my favourite ones from over the years.

102_8495From my aunt. I’ve always been a football fan so quite a few have been football themed. She would have noticed the trainers too, as I have always spent a lot of money on mine and that purple is my favourite colour.

102_8496From my parents. I do have a soft spot for this funky card. I should add I don’t wear my cap backwards.

Birthday card 3From my girlfriend Madeleine. You don’t see many green-shaded cards. She also knows I write a lot, use a lot of words and that I say ‘awesome’ far too much!   

102_8502From my sister. It’s a very stylish card with a nice poem too. The picture still makes me smile too.

102_8511From my friend Tim. Quite hard to disagree with. It’s just the sort of comment he would come out with too. 

Film 6From my friend Sarah. I love puns. I make them all the time and this one is very original.

102_8497From my parents. I like to think the description is accurate of course 😉 though I should add the inside message is that my parents should take all the credit haha.

Birthday Card 8From my parents. I am a huge board game fan as well as most card games. My favourite though is poker, so any card that makes reference to it gets full marks from me.