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I look forward to these trips to Disneyland and having my dad all to myself. Much advance planning goes into these excursions. My dad and I decide where will be stay overnight, the precise time he will pick me up form school, where I should wait for him, what we should take, and so on. That he is as excited as I am is clearly evident. There is no pretence, no forced pleasure; these trips unquestionably appeal to the child within him.

Driving on the freeway, we play our usual pre-Disney game. He will say “Okay, Pops, the first one who sees the one for Disneyland get to pick the first ride.” My dad never sees it. He must be blind, I think in my young mind.

Taken from As I Knew Him, My Dad, Rod Serling by Anne Serling. A personal biography of her legendary father, who among his many notable achievements was responsible for the iconic show The Twilight Zone.


Line(s) of the Day #WhentheGamewasOurs

when the game was ours

My high school coach George Fox used to tell me to never take my talent for granted.

“You’re special, Earvin,” Fox used to say. “But you can’t stop working hard. Just remember there’s someone out there who is just as talented as you, and he’s working just as hard. maybe even harder.

When Coach Fox told me those things I’d nod my head, but in my mind i was thinking, “I’d like to meet this guy because i haven’t seen him.” Truthfully? I wasn’t sure anyone like that existed.

That changed the day in 1978 when I walked into a gym in Lexington, Kentucky, and met Larry Bird for the first time.

As said by Earvin “Magic” Johnson in the brilliant biography When the Game was Ours. Written by Johnson, Larry Bird and Jackie MacMullan, it is filled with insight and anecdotes of the engrossing rivalry between the two stars of the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics that peaked in the 1980s.

Film Quizzes – Biographies

Film biographies have long been one of my favourite genres. Films always tell stories, but biographies give a film the opportunity to tell an even clearer story, and in some ways bring someone, and their reputation, back to life. Below are six films of six very different kinds of people. See how you do 🙂

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