Gr8at – Comedy Greatness

As everyone reading this will know, I’m a huge fan of comedy. I’ve managed to see all kinds of great shows, and grew up with all kinds of comedic influences. I wanted to share with you all a Gr8 of memorable scenes and sketches that still have me in hysterics. Do you have a favourite? See any of the endings coming? As always, feel free to share your thoughts below.

Just when you think you think you know the five stages of grief, a giraffe comes along to show you the way. Probably not a good idea to have on speaker if you’re at work.


In case you ever thought knowing all kinds of random one liners and catchphrases was ever a bad idea.


You won’t see this ending coming. One way to make an introduction for sure.


Still my favourite trailer. Astonishingly original.


We’ve all met someone who is great at finding loopholes.


A huge fan of Friends. This is still one of my favourite storylines.


Incredibly clever idea for a premise, superbly executed. The writer of the sketch also wrote this scene.


One of the all time great moments in British comedy.