Line(s) of the Day #12AngryMen

12 Angry Men

Juror #8: Let me ask you this: Do you really think the boy’d shout out a thing like that so the whole neighbourhood could hear him? I don’t think so – he’s much too bright for that.
Juror #10: Bright? He’s a common ignorant slob. He don’t even speak good English.
Juror #11: He *doesn’t* speak good English.

Henry Fonda, Ed Begley and George Voskovec in the superlative courtroom drama 12 Angry Men (1957). A truly astonishing film that has continued to inspire and provoke debate about the justice system and those chosen to help carry a verdict. I’ve included the film in my blog numerous times. As well as the recent Scorching Hot Weather Film Quiz, it’s also been in my Favourite Films and B/W Adaptions from Plays quizzes, as well as being on a guest film post.


Film Quizzes: 90s Courtroom Dramas

With the release of The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall, it got me thinking about what other courtroom dramas have been made before. And one decade which produced plenty of quality courtroom films is the 90s, including one which also starred Duvall. See how many of the chronologically-ordered films below you can work out.

Ártatlanságra ítélve3.jpg 1.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 2 2.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 3 3.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 4 4.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 5 5.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas 6.

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