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A Civil Action

(narrating) It’s like this. A dead plaintiff is rarely worth as much as a living, severely-maimed plaintiff. However, if it’s a long slow agonizing death, as opposed to a quick drowning or car wreck, the value can rise considerably. A dead adult in his 20s is generally worth less than one who is middle aged. A dead woman less than a dead man. A single adult less than one who’s married. Black less than white. Poor less than rich. The perfect victim is a white male professional, 40 years old, at the height of his earning power, struck down in his prime. And the most imperfect? Well, in the calculus of personal injury law, a dead child is worth the least of all.

Jan Schlichtman (John Travolta) in the legal drama A Civil Action (1998). Based on a true story, it told of a small firm’s fight to sue two companies for dumping toxic waste and poisoning local children.

Film Quizzes: 90s Courtroom Dramas

With the release of The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall, it got me thinking about what other courtroom dramas have been made before. And one decade which produced plenty of quality courtroom films is the 90s, including one which also starred Duvall. See how many of the chronologically-ordered films below you can work out.

Ártatlanságra ítélve3.jpg 1.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 2 2.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 3 3.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 4 4.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas Film 5 5.

Film Quizzes - 90s Courtroom Dramas 6.

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