Reviews and other Features: 6 Months!


Yay! 6 months birthday and anniversary for my blog. High fives and blowing out candles ahoy. I do feel bad that the Oscars will be upstaged now but I’m sure they’ll understand đŸ˜‰

My thanks to my girlfriend Madeleine who introduced me to WordPress and has regularly encouraged me to make full use the possibilities it entails. Also, you guys. This blog would be nothing without your likes, comments, suggestions and the inspiring work from your own sites. When I started this blog I wanted to showcase my writing and interact with other bloggers. I’ve been able to do both and more. The response to the photographs has been a real pleasure and I’ve been inspired to go out for walks and take more photos. The standards you set with your words and images continually inspire me. The recent response to my Foreign Favourites series has been fantastic and I promise to do more in the future.

As is tradition, here are some interesting facts about the blog so far. I’ve had 15,079 views and 2,394 comments from 395 posts. The most popular search is “Uncle Phil” whereas my favourite mention is: “Was Dustin Hoffman in the Waltons?” (And no, by the way). The Simpsons is my most viewed piece and this Amsterdam photo is most liked. The UK and US are my top two places, with the rest of the top 10 made up by France, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland.

And shamelessly stealing Caragale’s idea, and using a photo I’ve been trying to get into a post for ages, I’m finishing the post with a cute dog picture.

Cute puppy