Line(s) of the Day #TheDisasterArtist


Bill Murier: Do you want to shoot 35 or HD?
Tommy Wiseau: We’ll shoot both on this film
Peter Anway: Digital and film? Like you’d need twice the crew, twice the equipment. I mean…they’re lit differently. It’s just not done.
Tommy Wiseau: I have a vision

Hannibal Buress, James Franco and Jason Mantzoukas in the hilarious biography The Disaster Artist (2019). The film tells of the making of The Room (2003), widely considered to be one of the worst films ever made, but which has since gained a huge cult following.


Film Quizzes: 2017 Films

2017 sure has passed quickly, hasn’t it? It doesn’t seem so long ago since I was selecting my choices for the 2016 Films Post. Have you been pleased with this year’s standard overall? Which films have stood out for either good or bad reasons? Below, (and in no particular order), are a wide range in genre from the past 12 months. How well have you been paying attention? I haven’t seen the latest Star Wars (though will soon), but you’re more than welcome to offer any other suggestions.

Films of 2017 - Film 1    Film 1

Films of 2017 - Film 2    Film 2

Films of 2017 - Film 3Film 3

Films of 2017 - Film 4    Film 4

Films of 2017 - Film 5jpg.     Film 5

Films of 2017 - Film 6    Film 6

Films of 2017 - Film 7     Film 7

Films of 2017 - Film 8     Film 8

Films of 2017 - Film 9     Film 9

Films of 2017 - Film 10    Film 10

Films of 2017 - Film 12    Film 11

Films of 2017 - Film 11 Film 12

Films of 2017 - Film 13 Film 13

Films of 2017 - Film 16 Film 14

Films of 2017 - Film 15 Film 15

Answers below

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Gr8at: Astronomy Photographer of the year 2017

I missed The Astronomy Photographer of the Year when it came out earlier but when I saw the entries they blew me away so much I just had to highlight some of them. They really do make you aware of the beauty of the world above us. Do you have a favourite? Can you guess the winner? Feel free to guess the one I liked most too if you like.

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Things to See: #SoccerSixes 2017 at the 02, London

As an odd number year, there hasn’t been a World Cup or European Championship this summer. While there has been a Confederations Cup and various youth competitions, there’s still been plenty of appetite for more football. And so the first Star Sixes competition was created. Hosted at the 02, it featured 12 countries, including half who come from a nation that have won the World Cup – Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In China, Denmark, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal and Scotland there was mostly solid representation too. The even ran for four days, with three groups of four teams. The top two from each group and then the two best third placed teams went through to the quarter-finals. Each team had 11 players in their squad, with only 6 allowed on the field at the same time.

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