Navigating the World of Short Stories – An Interview with Alexander Raphael

Hey everyone. I wanted to share this interview I had with the wonderful Tomes and Tales blog I discovered recently. As you can imagine from such a bibliophile, the questions were varied and perceptive and it was a pleasure to answer them all. Please click below to see it.

Tomes and Tales

A few months ago, I had the chance of hosting the book Always Never, Rarely Sometimes on its blog tour. I loved the varied tales and their assortment of memorable characters and imaginative dialogue. On reaching out to Welsh-Mexican writer Alexander Raphael, I was thrilled when he agreed to do an interview feature for Tomes and Tales.


1. From journalism to poetry and short stories, your writing career spans the spectrum of genres and forms. How do you navigate the different styles? Do you have any preferences for a particular form?

I think it all starts with a love of language. I’ve always loved the way different words can set a scene or describe a person, whether that’s in fiction or non-fiction, news or creative. And then it all comes down to audience really. In journalism it’s about being informative, accurate and succinct. Whereas when I…

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