Line(s) of the Day #Ghost

Oda Mae Brown: Four-million dollars?!
Lyle Ferguson: Yes. Four-million dollars. And, um, how would you like that, Mrs. Miller?
Oda Mae Brown: Tens and twenties?

Whoopi Goldberg and Bruce Jarchow in the heartfelt fantasy thriller Ghost (1990) which tells of a dead man’s quest to save his girlfriend from a dangerous criminal via the use of a medium.


17 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Ghost

  1. As comedies go, I can take them or leave them, but Whoopi Goldberg made this a must-see film. Could watch GHOST once a week for her performance – she was absolutely hilarious.

  2. This is perfect, thanks for sharing! I love all of Whoopi Goldberg’s lines in the movie. Her character is so hilarious and I love that this film is first, a tale of passionate love, second, a story about fight for justice and, thanks to Goldberg, a movie with comedy turns!

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