Announcement: Writing Update

I’ve shared so much of my writing journey with you and I wanted to give you a quick update. After The Summer of Madness and Illusions, Delusions I’ve been working on my third book. It will be seven short stories, although very different to last time as they will be slightly longer and more character driven.

The above photo was for on recent birthday. My family gave me the surprise of printing a special design onto my cake.

I was keen to do a bit more promotion for The Summer of Madness so I decided to use Rachel’s Random Resources. I’d really recommend her services. I’m so grateful to everyone who agreed to review it and I could happily quote them all. But here are just a few.

Rajiv’s ReviewsThe Summer of Madness Review
The Ladies Who ReadThe Summer of Madness Review
Gemma Roman Books The Summer of Madness Review
Pickled Thoughts and Pinot The Summer of Madness Review
Beckie WritesThe Summer of Madness Review
Jessica BelmontThe Summer of Madness Review


23 thoughts on “Announcement: Writing Update

  1. Happy belated birthday! That’s a wonderful gift from my family, definitely very personal and fitting!
    Congrats on all these book reviews, what a great way to get the word out there.

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday Alex but happy belated wishes anyway. Great cake idea. I never thought we’d be going from Spring to Autumn in nearly all lockdown, for a writer I’d guess it gives you lots of time to concentrate on that task? How do you stay motivated?
    Best wishes

    • Oh no worries at all. It was a very quiet one. Well I had already started writing on the third one so it made things easier on that score. But I really did miss the freedom of going out for a walk to clear my head, as well as not going out and seeing everyone. Like with your singing on the balcony idea, you just have to adapt and find a way 🙂

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