Photography: BBC Countryfile 2020

These are my favourite six from the vote for the 2020 BBC Countryfile front cover calendar competition. Going left to right from the top the photographs are: Autumn Rays by Richard Hooper, Call of the Wild by Mervyn Chilton, Sunset Glow by Rachel Baker, Wilderness Wanderer by Harry Feather, Nectar Inspector by Steve McHale and I Walk the Line by Tom Broxup. You can see the others and vote here.


12 thoughts on “Photography: BBC Countryfile 2020

      • So you were able to find my ramblings! Were they marked spam? This happened with my comments on other blogs too. How embarrassing to be labeled a spammer! 🤦🏽‍♀️ WP, if you’re listening I’m just chatty! Completely harmless chatterbox. Much love Alex. Thank you for helping me figure this out.

    • Thanks. I put a lot of thought into the eight themselves, as well as what order to put them in. As a writer Autumn Rays is my favourite but as a photographer I Walk the Line is my favourite. Does that help? haha

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