Gr8at: Funniest #HomerSimpson Scenes

I’m such a big fan of The Simpsons. There can’t be too many who aren’t. It was a big part of my comedic childhood and I’ve mentioned it countless times on my blog, going back to early September 2013 and this wit from Homer. Have eight very funny scenes starring the man himself. Feel free to let me know your favourite or any other memorable jokes from the show.

The scene that has made me laugh most. Poor Homer!


I still can’t hear the word incognito without thinking of this happy, and rather luckless, soul.


Homer sure does love his confectionary!


“You know boy, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as close to you as I do right…”


Hilarious even if you haven’t seen Indiana Jones.


Two great scenes in one here. And jokes on chocolate always get bonus points.


Not the most visual of scenes, but it cracks me up every time.


As someone rather useless at DIY, I fully sympathise with Homer’s experiences with ‘Le Grill’.

17 thoughts on “Gr8at: Funniest #HomerSimpson Scenes

  1. i’ve always enjoyed the simpsons from the time it began and was so groundbreaking. i love that it’s the longest running sitcom in history, though i don’t watch it as much anymore, with all of the options out there, but still enjoy it whenever i do watch it. my fav clip here is the vending machines one )

    • It’s still running. It’s amazing to think how old the early episodes are and how they haven’t dated. I could easily have added more. Another favourite is when Homer is doing two jobs. He comes home from one, gets into bed, cloes his eyes and his alarm goes off so he has to start his first job. Brilliant! Any episode or scene you like more than any other?

    • I think I’ve quoted The Simpsons at least a dozen times on here. I’ve seen plenty of Family Guy but The Simpsons makes me laugh far more.

      “I think I got promoted because of my motivational skills. People are always saying they have to work harder when I’m around.”

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