Announcement: Hey guys, new website

alexander raphael website pic screenshot

You’ve all been part of my writing journey and I wanted to share my new website with you. I’ll still be blogging here (try just and stop me) but wanted a place solely for promoting my creative work. It will feature links to my works as well as some of my poems. What do you think of the site? Let me know what you think by clicking on the link below.


22 thoughts on “Announcement: Hey guys, new website

    • Thanks. I wanted something that was a bit more formal but easy to navigate and that really encouraged readers to see my work. I’m glad I was able to get you on there too.

    • I thought about using first person but it didn’t work as well when I drafted it. I considered having the comments section open, but not for the moment. Hits are quite low at the moment and I need to get more of a following. Thanks for checking it out and your feedback 🙂

    • Thanks Beth 🙂 Yes it should really help promote my work, especially when I can mention it at writing events I hope to go to when the world starts getting back to normal.

  1. I like the blue circle as it’s similar to your book cover just below the opening page. You’ve not featured your photography perhaps if you try to theme the photos that have any relevance to your books and put links on your twitter and any other social media they will draw people in, don’t forget to put your signature on them.

    The book reviews are a great idea it’s so good to get good reviews you did well there with so many excellent write ups.

    I’d take the dates of the poetry so they all appear current but it’s that’s just an idea. I wonder if you thought of having a buy, shop, or check out button on the top that links through to Amazon

    • That’s great feedback. I’m glad you liked it and I’ll look into those ideas for sure. The blue circle was the designer’s idea and it grabbed me straight away too. I need to have a think about the photography.

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