Reviews and Other Features: Being Interviewed on Esther Rabbit

I recently did an interview for Esther Rabbit, an author and blogger who promotes a variety of people, including writers, book designers and editors. Since starting the Blogging section in December 2018, she has interviewed 137 people, as well as sharing tips and advice on how to promote your work. Here’s my entry. I hope you like it.




18 thoughts on “Reviews and Other Features: Being Interviewed on Esther Rabbit

  1. Hi Alex, I enjoyed reading your interview! I tried to comment on the original blog post but was unable to, can’t tell if it’s a glitch on my end or the host. I like the questions about the process of writing and hearing your responses. It’s interesting to learn how artists approach their work. It’s different for everybody. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. Keep writing and take good care!

    • I don’t think it’s too geared towards feedback but I get that. I’m so glad you liked it. I wanted to reveal more about my process and put it into perspective about how every writer has a different system.

  2. Nice to see your face and hear your thoughts. I enjoyed your interview very much. Short stories are awesome. It seems a shame to me that they are a hard sell. Poetry, too. I read and reviewed your novella. You are a good writer, Alex. I hope you find the success you’re looking for!

    • It has been hard. I do miss a lot. But I’ve been trying to stay positive and writing has been a big part of it. I’ve written three stories since lockdown started and am on the fourth. You do what you can to adapt.

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