Line(s) of the Day: Fun Film Sketch Quiz (now with answers)

film drawing

I was sent this on my phone by a friend who knows how much I love films. I was able to get 25 out of the 30. How many of these 1990s films can you work out? Feel free to put your answers down and I’ll put the answers up later. With thanks to Doodlemoose Designs.

Answers now below

1.  Independence Day

2.  The Lion King

3.  Wayne’s World

4.  Thelma and Louise

5.  Titanic

6.  Point Break

7.  Jurassic Park

8.  Blair Witch Project

9.  Silence of the Lambs

10.  Home Alone

11.  Edward Scissorhands

12.  Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

13.  Trainspotting

14.  The Matrix

15.  Terminator 2

16.  Speed

17.  Fight Club

18.  Forest Gump

19.  The Shawshank Redemption

20. The Van

21. Happy Gilmore

22.  Sister Act

23.  Toy Story

24.  Four Weddings and a Funeral

25.  Mrs. Doubtfire

26.  It

27.  The Piano

28.  Ghost

29.  Space Jam

30.  The Thin Red Line (5 point bonus if you got this one!)


31 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day: Fun Film Sketch Quiz (now with answers)

  1. in addition to the ones already mentioned – T2, toy story, total recall, shawshank, point break, waynes world, thelma and louis, BTTF3, happy gilmore, casper, the piano, edward scisorhands

    • Really impressed you got the Toy Story one. I thought it was Unforgiven! Ha. Three of them are wrong, including the mask one which has confused a lot of people I know.

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