Incredible Artwork: Three of a Kind

Farewell to Anger

Farewell to Anger – Leonid Afremov


And I Need Sunny Days – Daniel Danger

Fishermen at Sea

Fisherman at Sea – JMW Turner

I just wanted to share some of my favourite artworks with you. Do you have a favoruite? What would you have on your wall if you could?

35 thoughts on “Incredible Artwork: Three of a Kind

  1. I wouldn’t hesitate to put any of these in my home office. The colors on the top one absolutely pop! And I have a new favorite recently: “In a Roman Osteria”, by Danish artist Carl Bloch. I saw it a while back and immediately thought of a meme for it, but I still keep going back to view it again. The softness of that entire era’s art just appeals to me. And in this particular painting, the family’s individual expressions are like gold. So many stories could emerge from that single scene.

    • Yes, I had a look and it is a very sensitive painting. A lot going on within it. The top one bursts with colour. That’s why I had to put it top. I think you’d like his other work too.

  2. I’m partial to Farewell to Anger, sooo many beautiful textures and colors. I love landscapes, gardens, warm colors like green and brown, anything connected to nature. It’s so soothing to be surrounded by nature, but that’s my personal preference. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous works of art. πŸ™‚

      • Both, honestly. I appreciate well-done paintings, but I do love well-shot photography as well. I pretty much have a combination of both in my bedroom. Plus, I dabble in a bit in painting and taking myself. When you have a relative who is a fine artist, you get the art bug yourself. 😊

    • Not so much for me, but you can see they have an original style and real talent. I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of Turner’s work up close. Would love to do the same for Daniel Danger.

  3. Not that it matters, but I’ve seen a knock-off of the Leonid Afremov piece in a gallery, and anyone could see it was a knock-off without knowing who the actual artist was. However, the piece is so beautiful, whether it be the genuine article or a fake.

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