Line(s) of the Day #FightingwithmyFamily

fightng with the family put a shirt on

Zak Knight: I’m not asking you to bow or scrape oe nothing but Courtney’s parents are a bit, you know, what’s the word…?
Saraya Knight: Posh.
Zak Knight: Classy. Her dad’s teetoal!
Ricky Knight: So am I.
Zak Knight: Yeah but he’s teetotal out of choice dad. Not because he’s an alcaholic.
Ricky Knight: La de dah!
Saraya Knight: You want to make a good impression.
Julia Knight: A good impression how?
Zak Knight: Well for starters, can you put a shirt on?
Ricky Knight: A shirt on? How bloody posh are they?

Jack Lowden, Florence Pugh, Nick Frost and Lena Headey in the the sporting comedy drama Fighting with my Family (2019). Based on a true story, it tells of a family obsessed with wrestling and the difficulties involved when one of them gets the shot of making that dream come true.


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