Things to See: Magical Ice Kingdom – A Christmas Carol

I added some animal ice statues photography in my previous post, but really the main attraction of the Ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland was using A Christmas Carol theme. The story of Scrooge’s redemption through the use of three ghosts (well four if you include Jacob Marley) needs no introduction.





The framework of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet-to-Come serves the main framework of the display. They’re done in large-scale snow so really they do stand out, especially compared to last year.


4544d7c6-a017-41fe-b078-2490beed61b1 (1)

IMG_4226 (1)



But arguably, it’s the other characters who stand out. Bob Cratchett and Tiny Tim are two of the highlights, but the level of detail (especially in faces) is incredible. You can really see why the UK’s largest ice experience needed 500 tonnes of ice and snow.





But even if you don’t follow Dickens’ classic, there’s still plenty to enjoy. It may be -10 so you can barely feel your fingers, but there’s a lot of memorable touches along the way.


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