Gr8at: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019

Time for more professional animal photos. These are some of the finalists from The Natural History Museum annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 exhibition that I saw through The Evening Standard. Do you have a favourite?


The moment by Yongqing Bao, China. Grand Title Winner and Joint Winner 2019. Behaviour: Mammals



Snow exposure by Max Waugh, USA. Winner 2019, Black and White


Creation by Luis Vilariño Lopez, Spain. Winner 2019, Earth’s Environments


Another barred migrant by Alejandro Prieto, Mexico. Winner 2019, Wildlife


The huddle by Stefan Christmann, Germany. Winner 2019, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio Award


Land of the eagle by Audun Rikardsen, Norway. Winner 2019, Behaviour: Birds


Night glow by Cruz Erdmann, New Zealand. Winner 2019, 11-14 years old and winner of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year


Pondworld by Manuel Plaickner, Italy. Winner 2019, Behaviour: Amphibians and Reptiles


35 thoughts on “Gr8at: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019

  1. You’ve enriched my Monday, Alex – THANKS:0))! All really beautiful, but I like the power of the eagle picture and the sense of blackness and color in the squid (?) one. Cheers from Pennsylvania!

    • The top one was the main winner but the eagle one could easily have won. Think of the views they must get, and the feeling of flying through the air all the time. It’s some photograph.

  2. Such great photos, I love them all. Snow Exposure stood out for me, it looks almost like a painting. And the marmot/fox photo is so perfect, I can’t imagine how much time the photographer must’ve spent on the wait!

  3. I really love the eagle. The perspective is amazing and the sky 8s breathtaking. Pond world was also intriguing. The colors in nature sometimes surprise me.

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