Announcements: Big News!


Big news. Fantastic news. My second book is ready. My first book The Summer of Madness was a novella about a guy trying to win back his girlfriend. This time around it reflects my love of short story writers who challenged the format of the genre. Rather than one story, it is seven short ones, each in a style that deliberately strays from the regular format in order to go for something far more creative and imaginative. Regular readers will have already seen one of them, with my last post Punbelievable, which happily got wonderful feedback.Β You’ll also notice the incredible cover. My thanks to the very awesome Meg Sorick who drew it.

If you’re interested to read the other six stories, that’s great. I’d be happy to answer any questions. You can get a copy here.

US Paperback / US Kindle
UK PaperbackΒ / UK Kindle


39 thoughts on “Announcements: Big News!

  1. Yes, congratulations, Alex!
    I do read books by bloggers, and it’s a fab thing. I am backed up with many reads, but mostly I am boycotting Amazon. (I checked the links).
    Meg is quite awesome! Lucky you.

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