Gr8at:British Wildlife Photography Awards

Photography has always been such a big passion of mine, especially when linked with wildlife. So when I saw that the winners and finalists for the British Wildlife Photography Awards had just been announced, I had to share my favourites right away.Β  The competition has been running since 2009, features 15 different categories and is open to both amateurs and professionals. Do you have a favourite? Can you guess the overall winner?

Rich Bunce

Taken by Rich Bunce in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. Habitat category.

Dave Fieldhouse

Taken by Dave Fieldhouse in Upper Hulme, Staffordshire. Wild Woods category.

Digby Rogers

Taken by Digby Rogers in Docklands, London. Hidden Britain category.

Damian Kuzdak

Taken by Daniel Trim in London. Urban Wildlife category.

Robert Canis

Taken by Robert Canis in Isle of Skye, Highland. Animal Behaviour Category.


Taken by Andrew Parkinson in Tomatin, Highland. Animal Portraits category.

Trevor Rees

Taken by Trevor Rees in County Donegal, Ireland. Coast and Marine Nothern Ireland and the Coast of Ireland category.

Nicholas More

Taken by Nicholas More in Farne Islands, Northumberland. Coast and Marine England category.


43 thoughts on “Gr8at:British Wildlife Photography Awards

  1. Oh wow! I think the urban wildlife one is my favourite. It caught my attention when I saw the post in my feed! Who is the winner? I think possibly urban wildlife, animal portraits or coast and marine. But, I’m probably being bias because I loved all of those haha.

    • You called it! It was the Urban Wildlife that won. Technically speaking it is the best one. But that bunny is soooo cute. And I really like the colours of the scorpion one. I like to see creatures you don’t normally see get represented too.

      • It really is very sweet! I think with the scorpion one I’d have preferred to have seen it in normal colours. I agree about seeing creatures not usually represented!

      • I’m a big fan of purple and it always seems so different from other creatures. On a slightly unrelated but still cool note, my favourite character on Mortal Kombat was Scorpion πŸ™‚

      • I have to admit I don’t think I’ve hardly ever played Mortal Kombat so I can’t have a favourite argh! Scorpion sounds like a neat choice though!

  2. Your wildlife photography attracts many people, these wildlife click is fabulous. Good wildlife photography is not about technology, it is about light, composition, and creativity and All these things are showing in your picture that how creative or attractive you are.

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