Film Quiz: Anne Hathaway

I haven’t done a film quiz focused on one star since Bruce Willis six months ago, so it’s time for another. Anne Hathaway is an acclaimed and multi-award winning actress, including an Academy Award, in a varied career that encompasses comedy, drama, action and adventure. As her films all cover this century, I’ll stay away from the added clues. How many can you work out?

anne hathaway film 1   Film 1

anne hathaway film 2   Film 2

anne hathaway film 3  Film 3

anne hathaway film 4  Film 4

anne hathaway film 5  Film 5

anne hathaway film 6   Film 6

anne hathaway film 8   Film 7

anne hathaway film 7   Film 8

See Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises   Film 9

anne hathaway film 10   Film 10

anne hathaway film 11   Film 11

anne hathaway film 12   Film 12

Answers below

1:  The Princess Diaries   (2001)

2.  Ella Enchanted    (2004)

3.  Brokeback Mountain    (2005)

4.  The Devil Wears Prada    (2006)

5.  Becoming Jane    (2007)

6.  Love and Other Drugs    (2010)

7.  Rio    (2011)  – April

8.  One Day    (2011)  –  August 

9.  The Dark Knight Rises    (2012)  – July

10.  Les Miserables    (2012)  –  December

11.  Interstellar    (2014)

12.  The Intern    (2015)

39 thoughts on “Film Quiz: Anne Hathaway

  1. I had no idea that was her in Broke Back! Missed that one, wow. I like her. She seems to have a love/hate following. I’m not sure why. I think she’s beautiful. I remember the best Oscars was when she cohosted with Hugh Jackman and she sang and danced.
    Fun post, Alex.

  2. Cool I’ve missed these Film Quizzes of yours, and I love Anne Hathaway! I got 9 out of 12. Though I have seen 10 of these movies (7 of which I reviewed). The picture for Love & Other Drugs just didn’t come to me immediately.

      • Havoc, Rachel Getting Married, Colossal, and some other stuff she did. It would show why there’s so much to her than rom-coms and period dramas. Even her cameo from Don Jon in a lame rom-com movie.

      • I think it’s great she’s never forgotten her romcom roots. How many Oscar winners would show such genuine enthusiasm for doing a Princess Diaries 3?

      • I don’t think a third film would work mainly because Garry Marshall is gone but unless they can find someone who can capture the spirit of the first 2 films but also make it about Amelia Thermopolis the Queen and help prepare whoever she has as the next princess embrace that role. Maybe it would work. I would hope she does more films like Colossal where she plays outside of her comfort zone.

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