Photography: #Sunsets #Montage

I’ve been seeing so many wonderful sunsets recently, I decided to do a montage of some of my favourites from times gone by. Do you have a favourite? Do you get good ones where you are?

23 thoughts on “Photography: #Sunsets #Montage

  1. Don’t get many spectacular sunrises and sunsets where I live at present unlike in your photos – but get spectacular cloud formations throughout the day – more so than anywhere I’ve lived before – here in Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. I really like that one of the sun clearly visible with specks (?) on the lens — they look like tiny planets orbiting an alien star.

  3. There is a wonderful pang of hope that I always witness in sunsets,it somehow conveys that everything is going to be alright at the end,and that whatever we are going through,a sunset and a walk in the nature can cure it all.

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