Line(s) of the Day #Cheers

Sam Malone

Sam Malone: Ya’ see, matching a Corvette with the right owner, Dennis, is kind of like finding a home for an animal…
Dennis: OK, but I’m kind of pressed for time. I gotta’ get to my hair stylist.
Sam Malone: Good.. good. (Checks him out) Oh, very good, very good… Just a few multiple choice questions… Number one, it’s high noon you’re driving in Harvard Square, parking is limited. Do you: A, park in a handicap zone, B, park in a regular spot under a tree, C drive around until a space opens up.
Dennis:  C.
Sam Malone: (jumps up) What are you nuts??!! I can’t believe it man! It’s a trick question. You don’t drive this baby at high noon, man! Sun damage, bucko! What the hell is wrong with you?!! What do you want to do, oxidise the paint?!! Get outta’ here, you make me sick!

Proud but broke Corvette owner Sam Malone as played by Ted Danson (with Rob Moran) in the hugely popular and long-running Boston-themed sitcom Cheers (1982 – 1993). You can find other examples of Cheers here and here, more information about Sam’s famous on/off romance with Diane here and about his bachelor status here.


11 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #Cheers

      • Ok….norms delivery always cracked me up….when he would walk into the bar there was always a one liner that did me in. I prefer the Shelly long years because I thought the Kirstie alley years made Sam out to be an idiot, which he wasn’t. Fave episode…hmmmm….been so long since I actively watched it…going to think

      • Though on a lighter note, when Norm becomes a beer taster. The perfect job! the scene when he has his own office, which is the size of a postage stamp too haha.

    • I hope you can picture it. He’s usually more suave and charming so when he gets mad it’s very funny, especially over something that wouldn’t annoy most people.

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