Film Quizzes: Bruce Willis

I haven’t done an actor themed post for a while, so after ones including Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise, here is another film quiz for a star of the big screen. Do you have a favourite film of the German-born star from his many famous roles?

die-hard-bruce-willis Film 1 (1980s)

bruce willis film 2 Film 2  (1990s)

Film Quizzes - Time Travel Part 2 Film 3 Film 3  (1990s)

bruce willis film 3 Film 4   (1990s)

bruce willis film 4 Film 5   (1990s)

bruce willis film 5 Film 6   (1990s)

bruce willis film 6 Film 7   (1990s)

Film Quizzes superheroes Film 1 Film 8   (2000s)

bruce willis fillm Film 9   (2000s)

bruce willis film 9 Film 10   (2000s)

bruce willis film 11 Film 11   (2010+)

bruce willis film 7.JPG Film 12   (2010+)

Answers below

1.  Die Hard    (1988)

2.  Death Becomes Her    (1991)

3.  Pulp Fiction    (1994)

4.  12 Monkeys    (1995)

5.  The Jackal    (1997)

6.  Armageddon    (1998)

7.  The Sixth Sense    (1999)

8.  Unbreakable    (2000)

9.  Sin City    (2005)

10.  Moonrise Kingdom    (2012)  – May

11.  Looper    (2012)  – September

12.  A Good Day to Die Hard    (2013)


49 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Bruce Willis

    • Nicely done Keith. I saw that film a long time ago now. Should give it a go. I really like Unbreakable. I really think if it had been marketed better it would have made a real difference to how it’s seen.

  1. This reminded me how much I enjoy Willis’ films. I knew 9, I don’t think I’d heard of Moonrise Kingdom or Looper have you watched them?

    By the way I didn’t know you had a short story out great review by Pete – nice to read this from a man’s perspective, I’ll check it out when I get back to London.

  2. Great quiz, thanks! I have done poorly on the it – 7/12. I am not a too big a fan of Bruce Willis and I know each movie you listed when I see the written titles, but recognising them from pictures was hard for me. I thought I knew Pulp Fiction like the back of my hand – I hate to sound pedantic, but are you sure you didn’t mix up numbers 3 and 4

    • They’re the right ones, but they can look similar don’t worry. 7 isn’t too bad a score. His work covers a long period and a bigger range then he’s known for. Could easily have added four or five different films.

      • Really? Number 4 is not Pulp Fiction? That means I really need to watch more of his films. There are some hidden gems and you are right – it is so difficult to choose which one to include.

      • I’m interested in seeing ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ I’m just hoping it’s better than ‘The Hateful Eight.’ That film sucked so bad and was so disappointing, IMO.

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