Film Quizzes: Teenager Movies

Time for another quiz. I’ve always had a soft spot for the whole teenager/adolescence genre, and unlike last time’s 2018 quiz, have seen all of the ones listed below. Do you have a favourite? How many can you get? As always feel free to share your score, offer any thoughts about the genre or recommend any others that you like.

film quizzes - teenagers film 1 Film 1  – (1950s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 2 Film 2  –  (1970s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 3 Film 3  – (1980s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 4 Film 4  – (1980s)

Ferris Bueller Film 5 – (1980s)

Robin Williams Film 2 Film 6  –  (1980s)

Fashion in films Film 7  – (1990s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 8 Film 8  – (1990s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 10 Film 9  –  (2000s)

Film quiz - Rivals Film 11 Film 10  – (2000s)

film quizzes - teenagers film 9 Film 11  –  (2000s)

emma-stone-easy-a Film 12  – (2010+)

film quizzes - teenagers film 11 Film 13  –  (2010)

film quizzes - teenagers film 12 Film 14  –  (2010+)

9d699d2ac32d0b7e80a9689e11e0a0fb Film 15 – (2010+)

Answers below

1.  Rebel Without a Cause    (1955)

2.  American Graffiti    (1973)

3.  Risky Business    (1983)

4.  The Breakfast Club    (1985)

5.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off    (1986)

6.  Dead Poet’s Society    (1989)

7.  Clueless    (1995)

8.  American Pie    (1999)

9.  Whatever it Takes    (2000)

10.  Mean Girls    (2004)  –  April

11.  Napoleon Dynamite    (2004)  –  June

12.  Easy A    (2010)

13.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower    (2012)

14.  The Fault in Our Stars    (2014)

15.  The D.U.F.F    (2015)

53 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Teenager Movies

  1. Wow! You certainly are a movie buff. Most of these I have seen yet with the classics I enjoy watching again. Finding a really good movie lately has been tough. I’m not sure if I like the newer type of movies and how they are filmed and directed. I’m more comfy with the older films. But that is me. (smile)

    • It’s very easy to get nostalgic don’t worry. I think you’d like Stan and Ollie btw. It’s just been released and tells the story of the later part of the famous duo’s personal and private career. Really nice film.

      • Thank you! Winter is my time to watch movies while I wait for Spring. Another good movie to watch ….. I’ve been involved and finally finished a TV series called Burn Notice and now The Amazing Mrs. Masil. At least I think Masil is spelled like that. If not ….. you’ll find it! LOL

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