Line(s) of the Day #BraveNewWorld


Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.

As said by Helmholtz Watson, an Alpha-Plus lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering, in the dystopian novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Published in 1932, the literary masterpiece tells of a future where genetically modified citizens have their future careers programmed, war and violence has been removed and the government assisted drug Soma is encouraged to remove any thoughts of unhappiness.


12 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #BraveNewWorld

    • Isn’t it? The only book in the same sphere I can compare it to is Nineteen Eighty-Four. And this was written over 15 years earlier. Just an astonishing work. A true visionary.

  1. I haven’t read BNW in years —too long. I recently purchased the audiobook narrated by Michael York. I will shuffle it to the top of the queue!

    • It reads well but I know it can be easier to listen to things as you can do other things at the same time. I listen to a few sports podcasts and I’ve just started one on American presidents.

      • And oddly enough, sometimes I can concentrate better on what I’m listening to when I simultaneously do something else. The American presidents, from the sublime to the ridiculous, right?

      • I can name them in reverse back to Theodore Roosevelt. There’s a great gap in the middle back to Grant (came after Lincoln) and then again back to John Quincy Adams who is up next after Madison I believe!

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