Film Quizzes: 2018 Films

It’s been another weird and wonderful year of films, full of delights and disappointments, sequels and shockers. Did you have a favourite? What did you think of them overall? Feel free to share your score from the films below. And you’re more than welcome to look at last year’s quiz too.

BlacKkKlansman-WEB Film 1

Jurassic World Film 2

_102481791_005-035 Film 3

missionimpossible-fallout-rebeccaferguson-team-700x320 Film 4

film quiz 2018 Film 5

2018 films Film 6

2018 filmss Film 7

2018 filmsss Film 8

film quiz 2018 picture Film 9

2018 filmssss Film 10

2018 filmsssss Film 11

2018 filmsssss Film 12

Answers below

1.   BlacKkKlansman

2.   Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

3.   Widows

4.   Mission: Impossible – Fallout

5.   Black Panther

6.   A Star is Born

7.   Crazy Rich Asians

8.   A Quiet Place

9.   The Meg

10.   First Man

11.   Sherlock Gnomes

12.   Disobedience

47 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: 2018 Films

  1. I have I seen any of those. I tend to watch everything on Netflix these days. I’ve heard the Freddie mercury film was good. And the best film I’ve seen recently was Bird Box, it made me want to read the book.

  2. I guessed them all but #2. I had actually tried and put that film out of my head. It just didn’t work for me or my JP aficionado son. And (as you know) M:I – Fallout is soooo good. As for Gnomes…those were the gnomes that came to mind. Haven’t heard good things about it!

    • As a general rule a pun within a title is a bad sign. I didn’t mind the first part of the new Jurassic Park but the second half was very poor. And what stunts for Mission Impossible!

  3. I’ve only seen a few of these. I loved Black Panther – it’s the best of the stand alone Marvel Avengers films I think. And A Quiet Place was absolutely edge of the seat tense scary. Loved it!

      • I am growing tired of the Avengers films. I really didn’t care for Infinity War. The fight scenes just go on too long and they are ridiculous. Super hero or not! The stories are growing thin on plot as well.

  4. Have seen 5 out of the 12: Jurassic World (disappointing), Mission Impossible (so-so), Black Panther (enjoyed), The Meg (watched it on the plane and feel asleep) and Sherlock Gnomes (LOVED IT!) ! Have A Quiet Place on my list of movies to watch. Appreciate your share and your quiz! Have a Very Happy New Year and many more movies in 2019!

      • Not sure…I’m watching movies to relax mostly. Action or comedy. I’m watching a lot Swedish movies/
        Fargo season 1 was ok.
        I also rarely remember the names/titles of the movies or books. It should be really good, otherwise I’ll forget.

    • No, just a maverick mix of films. I didn’t see so many films this year. There weren’t so many that grabbed me and there were some Netflix shows and some books I wanted to catch up on. That’s a great score. Which was your biggest pleasant surprise and biggest disappointment?

      • That’s an excellent question Alex that I covered over at HEAVY Magazine recently but I’d say surprise was a German film In The Aisles and disappointment was The Predator. How about you? I’ve been trying to read more books myself but I still try to get to the movies. Interested to hear if you had any favourites?

      • Mission Impossible had some incredible stunts and loved the ambition and narrative within Black Panther but I’d probably saw Widows. I’ve already seen two films at the cinema (Stan and Ollie and Creed 2) this year though so keen to have seen more by the end of 2019. I was disappointed by the second half of Jurassic World.

      • Pace was slow at times and music unremarkable, but do find that Rocky (and Creed) films always have good narratives, memorable speeches and well cast.

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