Gr8at: EPSON International Pano Awards: Previous Entries

After my last post on the EPSON International Pano Awards I wasn’t planning on doing another photography post. But it proved so popular I thought I should do another. But rather than just choose ones that hadn’t made the cut, I thought I’d choose my favourites from the previous years of the competition. They were so striking I cheekily added an extra one. Which one jumps out most at you?





Epson Pano Awards 2010


The Lone Tree


Photographers from top: Mateusz Piesiak, Brett Granum, Ales Krivec, David Martin, Paul Cincotta, Sean Heavey, Francisco Negroni, Anita Erdmann and Jason Pineau


28 thoughts on “Gr8at: EPSON International Pano Awards: Previous Entries

    • I know. That snow scene is just fantastic. I find it so calming to look at. And that would be some cave to be in. I love powerful skies so third and fifth photos grab me so much. Skylines like that always inspire me to write.

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