Gr8at: EPSON #InternationalPanoAwards 2018

I really do love photography. It’s such a wonderful form of creative expression and a way of highlighting the beauty around us. So not too long after my last post, Gr8at: Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018, it’s great to be able to showcase some other spectcular images. The EPSON International Pano Awards has been running for nine years and is the largest worldwide competition for panoramic images. Indeed, in its latest competion, over 1,251 photographers from over 74 countries were represented. Do you have a favourite?









Photographers from top to bottom: Jenny Taner, Javier De La Torre, Ivan Jose Ferrero Rubiera, Stefan Thaler, Andrzej Bochenski, Ajay Thomas, Alexander Vershinin and Andrzej Bochenski

34 thoughts on “Gr8at: EPSON #InternationalPanoAwards 2018

  1. Jenny Taner’s has my best vote (1st photo), then in second – as on your post – Javier de la Torre’s showing women at work. In fact, I love both, but even if I placed de la Torre’s behind Taner’s, the photo of these 2 women as an important impact… may be just because they are Women!

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    • I know. They just capture something. I’d probably have to choose between the top two. I love the contrast between light and dark and the intricate shadows. And the second is just a delightful backdrop of colour to the red of the ladies.

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