Gr8at: Federer v Nishikori at the 02

I’ve always been a big tennis fan. I played a lot as a child and have been lucky enough to see most of the top players live. I’ve read loads of tennis books, including, of course, Open by Andre Agassi (review here). I’ve also been to the famous lawns of Wimbledon,  and even got a photo with the famous trophy. So I just had to go and see Roger Federer when he was in the Nitto World Tour Finals, an exclusive tournament for the best eight male players of the year. In the opening match of the London-based tournament, he faced Japanese star Kei Nishikori. But in a huge shock, the Swiss maestro lost 7-6 6-3.

Federer 5+

Federer 6+

Federer 2 +

Federer 1+



Federer 3 +

Federer 4 +


12 thoughts on “Gr8at: Federer v Nishikori at the 02

  1. Thanks for that super post, Alex. Am too a Tennis fan, I played long time ago and each time I have the opportunity of watching (TV or in situ) I do attend. The latest news says that “Lord” Roger is now in the “last four” after having won against Kevin Anderson! Isn’t that fantastic?

    • It is. He’s looked a completely different player in his last two matches. Back to his effortless best. It’s great he’s still playing to such a high level. It could easily be Fed v the Djoker in the final. I’m hoping to see Del Porto next year too.

  2. Nice to capture it live, but the colour cast caused by the artificial lighting is one of the reasons I almost never shoot at night, or indoors. That said, your photos certainly convey the atmosphere of an indoor sports event very well.
    I can’t comment on the actual tennis, as I never watch any. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • With the smoke coming off the entrance walk, the lighting and the introduction music it’s like a boxing match. The screen was harder to capture, that’s why I showed it so little. I’m glad you got a good sense of the event.

    • It was a pleasure. He plays like one of the gods. To still be playing at the elite level of tennis at 37 is an inspiration. He’s been written off so many times and still keeps going.

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