Gr8at: Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018

I’ve always loved photography, either taking them myself or seeing them in exhibitions. So when I saw The Guardian’s latest photography awards, I just had to post my favourite ones here. It’s focused on the beauty and diversity within the British landscape, with categories including Living the View, Classic View and Your View. Feel free to share your favourite or try and guess which was the overall winner.

2480 (3)

Field of red and a beautiful morning, Houghton, West Sussex, by Marie Davey

2480 (2)

Blizzard in the High Peak, Derbyshire, by John Finney


Ice spikes, Glencoe, by Pete Rowbottom

2480 (4)

Emerald greens of an enchanted woodland, Peak District, by Darren Ciolli-Leach

2480 (6)

Ard awakening, Loch Ard, Scotland, by Karen Deakin

2480 (5)

Unstacking stooks, Coldridge, Devon, by Paul McLoughlin


Storm Ophelia, Porthcawl pier, Bridgend, by Rachel Brown


Raindrops on the washing line, Hertfordshire, by Peter North



29 thoughts on “Gr8at: Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018

  1. My jaw dropped to all of these! I’m pretty hooked on the idea of being in a fantasy world at the moment so my favourite was the enchanted wood. Poppies a very close second, and the lighthouse one too!

    • I’ve read you’re writing and not surprised. It’s a real lose yourself in the photo kind of image. Real ethereal. I how you get to go to the Peak District one day. The poppies one is mine. It’s like three visions in one.

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