Gr8at: National Geographic: 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs

Regular readers will know how big a fan of photography I am. Especially of The National Geographic, with previous posts including National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2017National Geographic Animal Photographs and Spectacular National Geographic Images. So when I saw a Guardian article highlighting the celebration taking place I just had to share my favourites with you too. As always feel free to share any of your favourites or any experiences of the places or animals involved.


This gorgeous array of colour and sharpness was taken in Wood River, Nebraska by Randy Olsen.

3543 (1)

This playful-looking image of sea lions in Hopkins Island, Australia was by David Doubilet.

3543 (2)

It’s a long way down! This brave but very worthwhile shot of an orangutan in Indonesia’s Gunung Palung national park by Tim Laman.

3543 (3)

This remarkable photograph of a Leopard seal in Anvers Island, Antarctica was captured by Paul Nicklen.

3543 (4)

This painting-like visual delight of an Albatross colony in Steeple Jason Island on the Falkland Islands was taken by Paul Nicklen

3543 (5)

Kenya believe how cute this is? Michael Nichols shot this in Tsavo East national park.


Photographer Michael Nichols can take much pride in this heart-warming photo of five adult females and nine cubs in the Serengetti.


This lonely giraffe in the Ndumu Game Reserve in South Africa was well spotted and well taken by Chris Johns.


19 thoughts on “Gr8at: National Geographic: 50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs

  1. Stunning. Thanks for sharing these Alex. I really don’t know which is my favorite. Maybe of the leopard seal and/or the Nebraska lightning. The lighting in the latter is especially magical.

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