Film Quizzes: Fictional Writers on Screen

I haven’t created any film quizzes for a while, so it’s definitely time for a new one. I have been reading a lot recently, so the idea of writers on screen seemed an apt choice for the current post. No need to remember the name of the ficitonal writer involved, but can you guess the films below? Feedback as already welcome.

Writers Film 1 Film 1

Writers Film 2 Film 2

Writers Film 3 Film 3

Film Quizzes - Classic films that initially recieved lousy reviews Film 4 Film 4

Writers Film 4 Film 5

Writers Film 5 Film 6

Writers Film 6 Film 7

Writers Film 7 Film 8

Writers Film 8 Film 9

Writers Film 9 Film 10

Writers Film 10 Film 11

Writers Film 11 Film 12

Writers Film 12 Film 13

Gertrude Stein Midnight in Paris Film 14

film-quiz-tom-hanks-film-15 Film 15

Answers below

1.  In a Lonely Place   (1950) – June

2.  Sunset Boulevard   (1950) – August

3.  Zorba the Greek   (1964)

4.  The Shining   (1980)

5.  Misery   (1990)

6.  Barton Fink   (1991)

7.  Shadowlands   (1993)

8.  As Good as it Gets   (1997)

9.  Finding Forrester   (2000)

10.  Adaptation   (2002)

11.  Secret Window   (2004)

12.  The Shadow Dancer   (2005)

13.  Das Leben des Anderes (The Lives of Others)   (2006)

14.  Midnight in Paris   (2011)

15.  Saving Mr. Banks   (2013)


22 thoughts on “Film Quizzes: Fictional Writers on Screen

  1. Gosh…I have some watching to do. Only knew Misery and The Lives of Others (both of which I haven’t seen – tsk, tsk) and then Secret Window and Finding Forrester which I’ve seen and enjoyed. As Good as It Gets…I’ve seen it but didn’t recognise the image….can’t remember the movie at all…
    So…I have some catching up to do…
    Great post!

    • That’s a very good score. It was a tough quiz. I like to mix the difficulty levels. Thanks for the suggestions. Little Women really was charming. I still get angry with Jo’s manuscript being burned. I have journalists as a seperate category but Laura’s a great film so thanks for mentioning it. I need to see it again soon. Please feel free to suggest some ideas for future quizzes 🙂

  2. Nice job. I actually didn’t think it was that hard, although it helps that I’ve seen all of them except Zorba and Midnight in Paris. I got 14/15 although there was some educated guesswork involved (and I wouldn’t have guessed In a Lonely Place without the writers clue).

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