Line(s) of the Day #TwoandaHalfMen


Waldon Schmidt: How was the movie?
Alan Harper: Fantatic! I went out by myself and came home with a date.
Berta: Well, normally you out with a date and come home by yourself.

Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Conchata Ferrell in the Malibu-set sitcom Two and a Half Men (2003 – 2015). You can find two more examples of the hit show’s humour here and here.


10 thoughts on “Line(s) of the Day #TwoandaHalfMen

  1. One of the worst shows of all time in my book. And that was before Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre had their little public row.

    • Spats behind the show sure do leave a nasty taste. Desperate Housewives had two, and the Sex and the City one was really explosive. Always sad when it happens and never benefits the show. Humour sure is subjective. Two and a Half Men doesn’t reinvent the comedy wheel. It keeps things very simple and I’m ok with that. I think my worst show would be something like Joey, ***t my Dad Says or Hank. Hank was so bad its star Kelsey Grammer asked for it to be taken off air!

      • Wow, those are interesting tidbits. Didn’t know that about Hank, but yeah I hadn’t heard the greatest things about that show. Truth be told I don’t watch a great deal of TV because most of it isn’t really good lol. I have kinda trained myself to stay away from it….

      • I saw one episode and it didn’t surprise me. There is some quality drama at the moment, but a real shortage of comedy. I really hope that will change.

    • I don’t see it as either but it sure isn’t high-end comedy. There’s a real shortage of quality new comedy at the moment which is worrying. I really hope it changes soon. As for Conchita Ferrell who plays Berta, she’s great. It’s fab to see a role for a really talented actress who hasn’t been as successful before or since.

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